Apply for approval to claim for the school milk subsidy – milk consumed from 1 August 2017

How to register to claim for subsidised milk and milk products for schools.

You need to do the following before you can claim for the subsidy.

Trader number

You’ll need to register as a ‘trader’ with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) and get a trader number, if you haven’t got one already.

To do this call RPA on 03000 200 301.

Apply for approval to claim for school milk subsidy

You can apply to RPA for approval to claim for school milk subsidy by completing and returning SCM/1 Application for approval to claim subsidy (PDF, 65.8KB, 1 page).

You can apply for approval before you get your trader number from RPA. But RPA can’t approve your application until you give your trader number to the school milk subsidy team.

The application for approval must be signed by a senior manager. This senior manager will be responsible for the claims, along with the people authorised to sign the claims.

Information you must supply as part of your application for approval

You should send the following details to RPA on the Claim dates and authorised signatories form (MS Word Document, 30.9KB) – and include it with your application for approval to claim for the subsidy:

  • details of your claim periods
  • sample signatures of the members of your organisation who are authorised to make claims
  • your pricing calculation to show you are passing on the subsidy (as explained on the form).
  • confirmation that you understand if any of your contracts are for €750,000 or above, your procurement procedure must meet the requirements of Article 6 of Regulation 2017/40 and the current directive.

Also send a full list of the names and addresses of all the schools and the number of pupils you’re claiming subsidy for on the School list template (XLSM, 43.3KB).

RPA can’t give you approval to claim until you give them all the information above. They’ll write to you if any of the information is missing.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility when claiming for the subsidy to make sure that you and the schools you’re claiming subsidy for understand the scheme and what they have to do to meet the rules.

RPA may suspend or withdraw your approval to claim for the school milk subsidy if the scheme rules are broken.

More information

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Published 26 June 2017