Appeal exam results: for schools, colleges and private candidates

How you can apply to have a student's exam results reviewed by Ofqual

This guide is for schools, colleges and private candidates (eg a student who is home-schooled). If you’re a student or parent of a pupil you can appeal results here.

GCSE, AS, A level and Diploma appeals

Ofqual can only look at whether or not the rules about the exam, how it was marked and how the qualification was graded have been properly followed.

Any decision made by Ofqual is final.

What we will and won’t look into

Ofqual will hear appeals on GCSE, AS, A level and Diploma Principal Learning and Projects (whether taken as part of a Diploma or not).

We will look at whether the exam board has followed the right procedures and whether it has used them properly and fairly.

We will look into:

  • the setting of papers
  • marking and moderation
  • the grade award
  • enquiries about results and appeals
  • special consideration
  • access arrangements
  • administrative arrangements

We will not:

  • make judgments about candidate work in the exam; that’s the responsibility of the senior examiner of the exam board
  • re-mark candidate work
  • change grades issued by the exam board

These issues will be investigated by the exam board when you ask them to review the marking.

How to apply

You have to apply for an exam review within 3 weeks of receiving your draft appeal report from the exam board

To apply for a review of an exam please fill out our form.

Apply for an exam review

Before applying, first ask the exam board to review the marking. This is called an enquiry about results (EAR). They will review the marking or re-moderate the controlled assessment.

If you’re not happy with their review you have 2 weeks to appeal to the exam board. They will investigate and send you a draft report. You can then ask the exam board for an appeal hearing if you need to.

If you are unhappy with the result of the appeal hearing and want Ofqual to review your case, you need to do so within 3 weeks of receiving your draft report from the exam board.

We will respond in 2 weeks if it is something we can look into. We will then let you know the appeal hearing date and how to prepare for it. We will pay standard fare travel expenses for you to get to the hearing.

If we think you have a strong case and we don’t think your results are appropriate we may ask the exam board to reconsider the case or make other recommendations.

For more information about the review process please contact us.

Exam procedure review service

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Appeal the results of other qualifications

To appeal the results of a qualification that isn’t a GCSE, AS, A level or Diploma:

  1. Appeal to the awarding organisation responsible for your qualification and let them investigate.
  2. Receive the awarding organisation’s final report.
  3. If you are not happy with the outcome you can contact Ofqual to make a complaint.

For more information see our Complaints policy (PDF, 315KB, 19 pages)


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