Agricultural and industrial products (Tariff quota notice 2)

Find out about new tariff quotas for certain agricultural and industrial products which apply from 1 January 2019.

Council Implementing Regulation No 2018/2070 was published in the Official Journal, L331/197 on 28 December 2018.

New quotas come into force on 1 January 2019.

Quota period: 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019
Origin: NCC
Duty Rate: 0%
Status: Critical
Schedule quantity: Various
Documentary evidence: Certificate of Origin

Tariff quota serial number Schedule quantity Description Commodity codes
09.2600 kg Slack wax (CAS RN 64742-61-6) 2712903910
09.2617 kg 4-Fluoro-N-(1-methylethyl)benzeneamine (CAS RN 70441-63-3) 2921420089
09.2720 Items Pump head for two cylinder high pressure pump made of forged steel, with milled threaded fittings with a diameter of 10 mm or more but not more than 36.8 mm, and drilled fuel channels with a diameter of 3.5 mm or more but not more than 10 mm, of a kind for use in the manufacture of diesel injection systems. 8413910050
09.2738 Items Brass cages:
continuously or centrifugally cast
containing by weight 35 % or more but not more than 38 % of tin
containing by weight 0,75 % or more but not more than 1,25 % of lead
containing by weight 1,0 % or more but not more than 1,4 % of aluminium
with a tensile strength of 415 Pa or more
of a kind for use in the manufacture of ball bearings
09.2740 kg Soya bean protein concentrate containing by weight

60 % (± 10 %) of crude protein
5 % (± 3 %) of crude fibre
5 % (± 3 %) of crude ash
3 % or more but not more than 6,9 % of starch

for use in the manufacture of animal feed products
09.2742 kg Acrylonitrile (CAS RN 107-13-1), for use in the manufacture of goods of chapter 55 and heading 6815. 2926100010
09.2820 kg Mixtures containing by weight:

60 % or more but not more than 90 % of 2-chloropropene (CAS RN 557-98-2)
8 % or more but not more than 14 % of (Z)-1-chloropropene (CAS RN 16136-84-8)
5 % or more but not more than 23 % of 2-chloropropane (CAS RN 75-29-6)
not more than 6 % of 3-chloropropene (CAS RN 107-05-1)
not more than 1 % of ethyl chloride (CAS RN 75-00-3).


In any case where the information contained in this notice is at variance with that published in the Official Journal of the EU the latter will reflect the correct legal position

The HMRC Tariff, volume 1, section 1 refers.

This information should be displayed to the public upon receipt.

No public notice or tariff circular will be issued from the:

Tariff and Quota Management Team
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Published 21 January 2019