2016 Key stage 2: assessment and reporting arrangements (ARA)

Section 10: Test results

Details about the return of results to schools, reviews of marking and how the results are used

10.1 Return of results to schools

From 2016, scaled scores will be used to report national curriculum test outcomes.

For the KS2 tests a scaled score of 100 will represent the ‘expected standard’. (See section 4 for more details.)

STA will publish test results on the NCA tools website on 5 July 2016. Each pupil registered for the tests will receive:

  • a raw score (the number of marks awarded)
  • a scaled score
  • and confirmation of whether or not they attained the expected standard

Conversion tables for the 2016 tests will also be published on GOV.UK on Tuesday 5 July so schools can understand how pupils’ scaled scores are derived from their raw scores.

10.2 Return of test scripts to schools

Marked test scripts will be available on or by Tuesday 5 July. Test scripts that have been marked on screen can be accessed and printed via NCA tools.

Test scripts will be returned to schools in hard copy if they were unscannable and could not be marked on screen. Schools should check the script return website to ensure they know which scripts could not be scanned, and hard copies should have been returned to schools.

Schools must report any missing hard copy marked test scripts immediately to the NCA helpline on 0300 303 3013.

10.3 Reviews of marking

Schools can apply for a review of marking if they believe there is evidence that a mark scheme has not been applied correctly or a clerical error has occurred. The deadline for applications is Friday 15 July.

In most instances the reviews process will be undertaken onscreen using the original scans of the pupils’ test papers. Schools will only need to return hard copy test scripts for review where the original scripts were not marked onscreen. These scripts will have been returned to the school.

Schools will be informed of the outcome of review applications by Friday 2 September. Schools will receive their reviewed hard copy test scripts during the week commencing Monday 29 August. Test scripts marked on screen will be available on Friday 2 September.

How the DfE uses test results

The DfE includes all pupils who have completed KS2 when calculating school-level performance measures in performance tables and on the RAISEonline website. This includes pupils:

  • with special educational needs
  • working below the expected standard of the tests
  • unable to access the tests
  • who were absent when the tests were administered