Official Statistics

Work Choice: referrals, starts and job outcomes to September 2014

Number of referrals to the Work Choice programme, number of Work Choice starts and numbers getting a job up to September 2014.



The latest statistics on Work Choice produced by the Department for Work and Pensions were released on 12 November 2014 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

Statistics on Work Choice include data for England, Scotland and Wales for the period up to the end of September 2014. This statistical publication contains statistics on all providers excluding Remploy, showing the number of referrals to Work Choice in the period and the corresponding numbers of Work Choice starts and those getting a job.

In the period April 2014 to September 2014 there were:

  • 11,880 referrals for 11,180 individuals
  • 8,920 starts for 8,820 individuals
  • 5,990 job outcomes for 5,920 individuals

Next release date: February 2015