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Widening participation in higher education: 2017

Annual statistics on young people's participation in higher education, including their social background and occupation after graduating.


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Tables: SFR39/2017

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Statistics providing information on 3 measures of increasing participation in higher education:

  • estimated percentages of 15-year-olds eligible for free school meals (FSM) who progressed to higher education (HE) by age 19

  • estimated percentages of A level and equivalent students, by school or college type, who progressed to HE by age 19 with breakdowns for the most selective higher education institutions

  • estimated proportions of young people graduating from less advantaged backgrounds on entry to HE and estimated proportions in advantaged occupation groups 6 months after graduating

These statistics use the Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) at both points.

Widening participation statistics

Published 3 August 2017