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UCAS 14 to 19 diploma project findings

Findings from a project to ensure that UCAS and the higher education sector became engaged with the 14 to 19 diploma qualification.



Reference Id: OSR34/2010

Publication type: Other statistics

Region: England

Release date: 25 November 2010

Coverage status: Final

Publication status: Published

From March 2008 until November 2010, the Department for Education provided funding for UCAS to host projects that ensured UCAS and the higher education (HE) sector became engaged with the 14 to 19 Diploma qualification.

Project aims

  • To raise the awareness of the 14 to 19 Diploma amongst higher education admissions staff.
  • To encourage higher education institutions (HEIs) to supply UCAS with entry requirements, to demonstrate whether students applying with the qualification would be accepted to their institution on a course by course basis.
  • To identify the first cohort of diploma applicants in order to analyse trends in their applications as they applied to higher education during the 2009 to 2010 application cycle.
  • To explore the experiences of diploma learners when applying to HE, in order to identify and remove barriers to progression.
  • To analyse the movements of diploma learners over the 2010 confirmation and clearing period.
  • To analyse the destination of successful applicants at HE.

Daisy Davies, UCAS Qualifications Officer
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