Official Statistics

Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator (SHMI): Deaths associated with hospitalisation in England: July 2013 to June 2014

Indicator reporting mortality at hospital trust level across the NHS.



This indicator is produced on a quarterly basis and gives an indication for each hospital trust in England whether the observed number of deaths within 30 days of discharge from hospital were higher than expected, lower than expected or as expected when compared to the national baseline.

The SHMI is composed of 140 different diagnosis groups which are aggregated to calculate the overall SHMI for a trust. There has been wide user and stakeholder interest in the data at diagnosis group level and, in response, we will be publishing SHMI data broken down by trust and diagnosis group from the January 2015 SHMI release onwards. This breakdown will provide the number of finished provider spells, observed deaths and expected deaths for each diagnosis group and trust included in SHMI. The data will be suppressed where necessary for the purposes of disclosure control. As part of the January 2015 SHMI release, this breakdown will also be made available for the previous four SHMI releases in addition to the latest release on the HSCIC’s Indicator Portal site.

Published 27 January 2015