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Reported road casualties Great Britain, annual report: 2020

Personal injury accident statistics on public roads in Great Britain for 2020.



The recent trends in reported road casualties have been impacted by the national restrictions implemented from March 2020 onwards following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Alongside the release of the high-level trends, we have published a monthly breakdown investigating the impact of COVID-19 on reported road casualties.

Final statistics on reported road casualties in Great Britain for 2020 show that:

  • there were 1,460 reported road deaths, a decrease of 17% from 2019 which is not likely to represent an ongoing trend
  • there were 115,584 casualties of all severities in 2020, down by 25% from 2019
  • casualties saw the greatest monthly percentage decrease of 68% in April 2020, compared to the 3-year average for 2017 to 2019

Alongside this publication we have separately published further analysis including:

We have also updated methodology notes which provide information relating to the quality of these statistics, including:

The STATS19 review started in autumn 2018 and has made a number of recommendations on changes to STATS19 going forward. Key recommendations can be found in the full STATS19 review report

We have published these statistics in HTML format for the first time this year, and welcome any feedback on this change to inform our future publication plans.

The next reported road casualty statistics, for the year to end June 2021, are scheduled for publication in November. We intend to focus solely on casualties in these statistics, and to drop data tables relating to accidents, which show the same broad patterns in these provisional figures. If this planned change causes any difficulty in your work please let us know via the contact details below.

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Published 30 September 2021