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Primary school performance tables: 2014

Achievements of pupils in each state-funded primary school in England.


Primary school performance tables: 2014


The tables show:

  • results from the key stage 2 tests in reading, mathematics, grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • key stage 2 teacher assessments in English, reading, writing, mathematics and science
  • key stage 1 to key stage 2 pupil progress measures in reading, writing and mathematics

Additional school-level data includes:

  • information on the expenditure of each local authority maintained school open for the full 2013 to 2014 financial year
  • the number of teachers, teaching assistants and other school staff
  • the pupil to teacher ratio
  • the mean gross salary of full-time teachers
  • pupil characteristics
  • pupil absences
  • Ofsted ratings

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Primary attainment statistics team

Published 11 December 2014