Official Statistics

NHS Vacancies Statistics England 2015-2016, provisional statistics

Experimental Statistics. This is a statistical release of data extracted from the NHS Jobs website on job adverts to provide a proxy for NHS vacancies.


NHS Vacancies Statistics England 2015-2016, Provisional Experimental Statistics


This is the third provisional experimental publication of NHS vacancy statistics created from administrative data related to published vacancy adverts obtained from NHS Jobs, the main recruitment website for the NHS.

The statistics referred to in this document and the accompanying tables are exploratory and provide information on the administrative data available from NHS Jobs as much as on the recruitment of staff.

This publication provides figures which are an insight to recruitment in the NHS but which should be treated with caution, and users are discouraged from attempting to draw any conclusions from this data at this time.

Due to a change in methodology (moving from a count of vacancy adverts to advertised vacancy full-time equivalents) these figures are not directly comparable to those included in the first publication, therefore this data should not be used to extend that time series. For further details on the change in methodology please refer to the ‘Points to note’ section of the publication report.

Published 25 August 2016