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NHS Outcomes Framework indicators - November 2015 release

The NHS Outcomes Framework indicators will be used to hold NHS England to account for the outcomes it delivers through commissioning health services. Indicators from all five domains will be presented at national level with time series (where available).


NHS Outcomes Framework Indicators - November 2015 release


The NHS Outcomes Framework provides national level accountability for the outcomes the NHS delivers; it drives transparency, quality improvement and outcome measurement throughout the NHS.

It also sets out the national outcome goals that the Secretary of State uses to monitor the progress of NHS England. It does not set out how these outcomes should be delivered, it is for NHS England to determine how best to deliver improvements by working with Clinical Commissioning Groups to make use of the tools at their disposal.

The NHS Outcomes Framework uses the ONS mid-year population estimates for England as its subject population, and where standardisation is required, the European Standard Population is generally used. All indicators are reported at England level, and are broken down, where possible, by a combination of Age, Lower tier local authority, Upper tier local authority, Region, Religion, Ethnicity, Deprivation decile, Sexual orientation, Gender and Condition.

Published 19 November 2015