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Mental Health Bulletin - 2015-2016, annual report

National and organisation-level information about the people who use NHS-funded secondary mental health and learning disabilities services for adults and the services delivered to them.


Mental Health Bulletin - 2015-2016, Annual report


This annual Mental Health Bulletin provides a comprehensive picture of people who used adult secondary mental health and learning disability services. This report also uses the most recent age/gender and ethnicity population data from the Office for National Statistics.

From monthly submissions we produced a single file (the annual file) which removes duplication of episodic and record data that occurs between and within these monthly submissions.

Analysis of monthly submissions and associated data quality measures has already been released as monthly publications (around 10 weeks after the end of the month reported on).

Significant changes to the data source for this publication (MHLDDS) were made from 01 January 2016, when the name was changed to the Mental Health Services Data Set.

Published 30 November 2016