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Mental health and learning disabilities statistics in England, final reports: March 2015 and provisional April 2015

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Statistics - Trust level



This statistical release makes available the most recent Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Data Set (MHLDDS) final monthly data (April 2015). This publication presents a wide range of information about care delivered to users of NHS-funded secondary mental health and learning disability services in England.

The scope of the Mental Health Minimum Data Set (MHMDS) was extended to cover Learning Disability services from September 2014. Many people who have a learning disability use mental health services and people in learning disability services may have a mental health problem. This means that activity included in the new MHLDDS dataset cannot be distinctly divided into mental health or learning disability spells of care – a single spell of care may include inputs from either of both types of service. We will be working with stakeholders to define specific information and reporting requirements relating to specific services or groups of patients.

Published 23 June 2015