Official Statistics

HM Prison and Probation Service offender equalities annual report 2018 to 2019

This report provides statistics on offenders in prison and in the community and their protected characteristics.



The Equality Act 2010 lists nine Protected Characteristics:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Disability
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion or Belief
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership
  • Pregnancy/Maternity.

This report focuses on those protected characteristics where data are collected, and are of sufficient quality for statistics to be meaningful. In general, this report is limited to analysis on sex, age, race (ethnicity) and religious belief for these reasons. Where data are available for other protected characteristics at sufficient quality and with sufficient coverage to be meaningful, they are also presented and considered.

The report presents some analysis by individual characteristic and is meant to serve as a guide for further research. In many cases, more than one factor (e.g. age and another protected characteristic, criminal history, socio-economic) may have an effect on an outcome.

Pre-release list

The HMPPS Annual Digest is produced and handled by the Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) analytical professionals and production staff. Pre-release access of up to 24 hours is granted to the following persons:

Ministry of Justice

  • Permanent Secretary
  • Director General, Finance
  • Director General, Policy, Communications and Analysis Group
  • Director General, Probation
  • Director General, Prisons
  • Director, Prison Reform Policy
  • Director, Sentencing and Rehabilitation
  • Director Prisons, Probation and Youth Justice Policy
  • Director, Data and Analytical Services Department
  • Deputy Director, Head of Prison and Probation Analytical Services
  • Deputy Director of Prison Safety and Security Policy
  • Head of Profession (Statistics)
  • Head of HMPPS Statistics Unit
  • Head of HMPPS Operational Statistics
  • Head of HR Analysis, Reporting and Modelling
  • Head of HMPPS HR Corporate Statistics
  • Head of Custodial Performance
  • Head of Vulnerable Offenders Team
  • Acting Head of Community Performance Statistics
  • Press officer (x10)
  • Private secretaries (x10)
  • Economic advisor to Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice
  • Deputy Director, Head of Prison and Probation Analytical Services
  • Economic advisor to Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice
  • Head of Custodial Performance

HM Prison and Probation Service

  • Chief Executive Officer, HMPPS
  • Head of CEO’s Office, HMPPS
  • Head of Executive Management Team, HMPPS
  • Chief Operating Officer, HMPPS
  • Director Security, Order & Counter Terrorism
  • Director Commissioning
  • Deputy Director Safer Custody and Public Protection Group
  • Director of Rehabilitation and Assurance
  • Acting Deputy Director Operational Security & Risk Management Group
  • Head of Justice Data web team
  • Head of Equalities Interventions and Operational Practice
  • Head of Capacity Management
  • Head of Business Development for One3One Solutions
  • Head of Contract Management (x2)
  • Head of Electronic Monitoring operations and policy
  • Head of Equalities and Lammy Policy
  • Senior Equalities Manager in HMPPS Equalities Unit
  • Policy Portfolio Electronic Monitoring
  • PPCS Post Release Statistical Information Manager
  • Senior Women’s Policy Manager
  • Policy Official: Security Procedures Unit
  • Policy Official: Licence recalls
  • Policy Official: Prison Estates Transformation Programme

Other government departments

  • Home Office
  • Government Equalities Office
Published 28 November 2019