National Statistics

Higher education enrolments and qualifications obtained

Statistical First Release: higher education student enrolments and qualifications obtained in academic year 2012 to 2013.



This is a Statistical First Release (SFR) published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) in consultation with statisticians in BIS and the devolved administrations.

This is an annual publication which shows the:

  • total number of students currently studying in higher education
  • numbers of students obtaining higher education qualifications

Tables show separate figures for each of the home countries and trends over recent years for:

  • total students enrolled on postgraduate and undergraduate courses by where they are living (home domicile), mode of study and subject
  • the number of students obtaining postgraduate and undergraduate qualifications
  • the number and proportion of graduates by home domicile, mode of study, gender, subject and class of degree
  • students studying wholly overseas by location of study, type and level of provision and location of institution
  • participation by non-UK students by country of domicile
  • distribution of Open University (OU) students by UK government administration

This release relates to academic year 2012 to 2013.

Earlier Statistical First Releases are available on the Press release section of the Higher Education Statistics Agency website.

Published 16 January 2014