National Statistics

General Ophthalmic Services activity statistics: Selected statistics for England, Apr to Sep 2015

Selected statistics of NHS ophthalmic activity during the first half of 2015-16. Reports are at a national level.


General Ophthalmic Services activity statistics- Selected statistics for England, April 2015 to September 2015


General Ophthalmic Services, Selected Activity Statistics for England - April 2015 to September 2015. The mid-year selected activity statistics are shown by Area Team. There is a spreadsheet which provides a summary of the activity, “data tables”. For the first time, this includes the previous year’s data for ease of comparison. The detail behind the 2015-16 data is contained within the three csv data files. As usual there is a beginner’s guide and a data quality statement, but with this publication, we have also attached a short survey as an editable MS Word document. The survey is with regards to the eligibility categories contained within the annual publication issued in July each year. It is only four questions, which require only a brief response. We would be most grateful if you would please spare a few moments of your time to let us know how useful or otherwise the eligibility categories are to you. The responses will be treated confidentially and will help us to determine the value of providing the eligibility categorisation.

Published 13 January 2016