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Foreign national offenders statistics

Information on the numbers of foreign national offenders who have completed their custodial sentences.

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Foreign nationals offenders


This page gives details of the numbers of criteria FNOs who have completed their custodial sentence and are now the sole responsibility of the Immigration Law Enforcement Directorate. FNOs who complete their sentence are classed as time served. Criteria cases are those that meet deportation criteria.

FNOs becoming time served (criteria cases only)

These figures detail how many cases finished their custodial sentence and entered the time served pool over the quarter.

Time served – detained (criteria cases only)

The total number of time-served offenders who are currently detained by Immigration Law Enforcement Directorate under Immigration powers whilst deportation action is undertaken or considered.

Time served - non-detained (criteria cases only)

Total number of offenders who are time-served and currently released from Immigration Law Enforcement detention whilst deportation action is undertaken or considered.

The detained and non-detained pools when added together provide the total number of criteria time served offenders under consideration for deportation action.

ERS removals

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 introduced the ERS for FNOs. The scheme allows fixed-term FNOs, who are confirmed by the Immigration Law Enforcement Directorate to be liable to removal from the UK, to be removed from prison and the country up to a maximum of 270 days before the half-way point of sentence.

This data details the criteria FNOs who have been removed during the ERS.

Published 15 October 2013
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