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End of Life Care Profiles: February 2018 update

The profiles provide an overview of end of life care in England at various geographies.



The End of Life Care Profiles data update for February 2018 has been published by Public Health England (PHE).

The profiles are designed to improve the availability and accessibility of information around end of life care. The data are presented in an interactive tool that allow users to view and analyse them in a user-friendly format.

The profiles provide a snapshot overview of end of life care at various geographies. They are intended to help local government and health services to improve care at the end of life.

This release includes an update of these indicators by Local Authority:

  • place of death indicators (hospital, home, care home, hospice and other places by age)
  • underlying cause of death indicators (cancer, respiratory disease and circulatory disease by age)

See the attached statistical commentary for full details of what’s in this update.

View the End of Life Care Profiles.

Published 6 February 2018