National Statistics

DFID pre-release access to National Statistics 2013

Pre-release access arrangements within DFID are in line with The Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order 2008 which came into force on 1 December 2008. In particular, pre-release access is now only allowed for a maximum of 24 hours.



The list below shows those ministers and officials who receive access in advance of publication under the terms of the Order to the following annual publications:

  • Statistics on International Development (SID)
  • Provisional Official Development Assistance as a proportion of Gross National Income (ODA:GNI)

The officials on this list are either involved in the production of briefing for DFID ministers or are regularly called upon to give direct advice to the minister to enable him to comment on the figures shortly after their publication.

As well as the people on this list, there are a limited number of other DFID staff who will have pre-release access SID data because they are involved in the compilation or quality assurance of the data and will see it more than 24 hours before publication. Some members of the Communications Division will see the release, but only within the 24 hour pre-release period, because they place the data on the website.

Some of the non-DFID data in the release is collected from other UK government departments and agencies and as such will be seen by a number of people within these departments in advance of publication of the statistics. Direct access to the statistics appearing in the release will be minimised and those with this access will ensure that the information is not passed on to anyone with no operational need to see it in advance of the publication.

Pre-release access list – Statistics on International Development

  • Secretary of State for International Development
  • Minister of State
  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
  • Permanent Secretary
  • Special Advisers to the Secretary of State
  • Head of Development, World Bank and Debt Relief (HM Treasury)
  • Director General, Finance and Corporate Performance
  • Director, Value for Money
  • Head, Finance, Performance and Impact Department
  • Head of Profession, Statistics, DFID
  • Deputy Director, Europe Department
  • Deputy Director, Global Partnerships Department
  • Press Officer (DFID)
Published 28 March 2013