Statistical data set

Why people travel (trip purpose) (NTS04)

People travel trip purpose tables, produced by Department for Transport.

Table NTS0401

Purpose share, average number of trips: England (with chart) (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 78KB)

Table NTS0402

Purpose share, average distance travelled: England (with chart) (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 57.5KB)

Table NTS0403

Average number of trips (trip rates) per person per year by trip purpose: England (ODS, 27.2KB)

Table NTS0404

Average distance travelled by trip purpose: England (ODS, 21.6KB)

Table NTS0405

Average trip length by trip purpose: England (ODS, 16.5KB)

Table NTS0406

Average trip time by trip purpose: England (ODS, 16.3KB)

Table NTS0407

Long distance trips within Great Britain by purpose and length: England (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 59KB)

Table NTS0408

Purpose of next trip by gender and previous trip: England (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 56.5KB)

Table NTS0409

Average number of trips by purpose and main mode: England (with charts) (ODS, 50KB)

Table NTS0410

Average distance travelled by purpose and main mode: England (ODS, 49.8KB)

Table NTS0411

Commuter trips and distance by employment status: England (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 59KB)

Table NTS0412

Commuter trips by employment status and main mode: England (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 57KB)

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National Travel Survey statistics

Published 30 July 2013
Last updated 27 July 2017 + show all updates
  1. Table 0403 to 0406, 0409 and 0410 updated to 2016 data.
  2. Tables updated to the latest data for the year 2015.
  3. Tables updated to the latest data for the year 2014.
  4. Tables NTS0401 to 0410 updated to include data for the year 2013.
  5. NTS04 - Why people travel (trip purpose) 2012 data added. This replaces previous editions of these tables.
  6. First published.