Dartford crossing

Transport Minister says he is committed to improving the levels of service experienced by users of the Dartford crossing.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

The Rt Hon Mike Penning MP

Dartford Crossing

Date filmed: 28 June 2010


Narrator: Transport Minister Mike Penning is committed to improving the levels of service experienced by users of the Dartford crossing.

Transport Minister Mike Penning: The traffic and queues behind me on one of the countries most important junctions, pieces of infrastructure on our roads, tells you why I am here. Massive tailbacks, miles and miles of parked cars, parking, queuing, to pay £1.50. We’ve got to get the technology together to move it on, so we can have a better flow of traffic through here.

The design capacity for booths, where people are paying, they cannot cope with people taking money or going through machines trying to pay as you go through, that’s just physically impossible to do. We need to make sure we get the flow of traffic through.

Narrator: A package of measures to help reduce the congestion at the crossing is now being considered by the Department of Transport and the Highways Agency. This includes free flow tolling technology that would enable barriers to be removed and so increase the speed at which traffic passes through.

Transport Minister Mike Penning: We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, other countries have tried it. We’ve got the technology out of there, what we need to do is bring it forwards, stop saying how it can’t be done and actually doing it, and that’s what these people deserve.

Not question of if, but how this can be done to improve road infrastructure for the British motorist.

Published 20 July 2010