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  1. Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment: second independent review

    • DWP
    • Independent report
  2. Administrative Justice and Tribunals: final progress report

    • MOJ
    • Policy paper
  3. Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation: annual report 2015 to 2016

  4. Amendments to the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation Financial Agreement, 1983 (2-4/05/1990)

  5. Regulatory judgements and regulatory notices

    • HCA
    • Decision
  6. Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation Financial Agreement, 1973 (30/03/1973)

  7. Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration 45th Report: 2017

    • DH, OME and DDRB
    • Independent report
  8. National Health Service Pay Review Body 30th report: 2017

    • DH, OME and NHSPRB
    • Independent report
  9. Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body forty-sixth report 2017

    • MOD, OME and AFPRB
    • Independent report
  10. Banking Act 2009: special resolution regime code of practice (revised March 2017)

  11. Reforming the soft tissue injury (whiplash) claims process

    • MOJ
    • Consultation outcome
  12. Sovereign Grant Act 2011: Report of the Royal Trustees on the Sovereign Grant for 2017-18

    • HMT
    • Policy paper
  13. State Pension age periodic review: report by the Government Actuary

  14. State Pension age independent review: final report

  15. High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Act: class approval under Schedule 17

    • DFT and HS2 Ltd
    • Policy paper
  16. Defined benefit pension schemes: security and sustainability

    • DWP
    • Open consultation
  17. Government Annuities Investment Fund account 2016

    • DMO
    • Corporate report
  18. [TS No.13/2017] UK/Brazil: Agreement to avoid the Double Taxation of Salaries, Wages and other Remuneration derived by a Member of the Crew of an Aircraft operated in International Traffic

  19. Fee proposals for grants of probate

    • MOJ
    • Consultation outcome
  20. Statement of changes to the Immigration Rules: HC1078, 16 March 2017

  21. Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012: post implementation review

    • HSE
    • Policy paper
  22. [CS Japan No.1/2017] UK/Japan: Agreement concerning Reciprocal Provision of Supplies and Services

  23. Post legislative assessment of the Marine Navigation Act 2013

    • DFT
    • Guidance
  24. Economic and fiscal outlook: March 2017

    • OBR
    • Research and analysis
  25. Spring Budget 2017: documents

    • HMT
    • Policy paper
  26. [CS UAE No.1/2017] UK/UAE: Agreement concerning Air Services

  27. [CS Indonesia No.1/2017] UK/Indonesia: Air Services

  28. Iraq Fatalities Investigations: report into the death of Ali Salam Naser

    • MOD
    • Independent report
  29. Iraq Fatalities Investigations: report into the death of Captain Abdul Hussan Taleb Hassan

    • MOD
    • Independent report
  30. [TS No.11/2017] Protocol of Amendments to the Convention on the International Hydrographic Organization

  31. [TS No.12/2017] UK/USA: Agreement and Exchange of Notes to implement FATCA

  32. [TS No.9/2017] UK/Swiss Confederation: Termination of the Agreement of 6 October 2011 on Cooperation in Taxation

  33. [TS No.10/2017] UK/Canada: Exchange of Notes to amend the Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation

  34. Universal Credit (Benefit Cap Earnings Exception) Amendment Regulations 2017: SSAC report and government statement

    • DWP and SSAC
    • Independent report
  35. Local government finance report 2017 to 2018

  36. Annual report to Parliament on public library activities during 2016

    • DCMS
    • Corporate report
  37. Disruptive and investigatory powers: HM government transparency report

    • Home Office
    • Policy paper
  38. Draft Spaceflight Bill

  39. Council Tax referendum principles report 2017 to 2018

  40. Council Tax alternative notional amounts report 2017 to 2018