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  1. Fire safety risk assessment: residential care premises

  2. Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills

  3. Care Act 2014: supporting implementation

    • DHSC
    • Statutory guidance
  4. Fire safety risk assessment: educational premises

  5. Fire safety risk assessment: healthcare premises

  6. Amusement premises: model byelaw set 3

    • MHCLG
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: Model byelaws
  7. Fire safety risk assessment: animal premises and stables

  8. Fire safety risk assessment: sleeping accommodation

  9. Pleasure fairs: model byelaw set 4

    • MHCLG
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: Model byelaws
  10. Businesses who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant (company names beginning with H to J)

  11. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco: commissioning support pack

  12. Fire safety risk assessment: 5-step checklist

  13. Offensive Weapons Bill 2018: overarching documents

    • Home Office
    • Policy paper
  14. Fire safety risk assessment: transport premises and facilities

  15. Fire safety risk assessment: factories and warehouses

  16. Fire safety risk assessment: theatres, cinemas and similar premises

  17. Fire safety measures for health sector buildings (HTM 05-03)

  18. Whistleblowing: list of prescribed people and bodies

    • BEIS
    • Guidance
  19. Ilford Park Polish Home

    • MOD and Veterans UK
    • Guidance
  20. Childrens Social Care Statistics for Northern Ireland 2017/18

    • NISRA and Department of Health (Northern Ireland)
    • National Statistics
  21. Businesses who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant (company names beginning with C)

  22. Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: final report

  23. Assessment of potential wildfire risk resulting from planned deforestation to open habitat: operations note 40

  24. Personal Independence Payment (PIP) handbook

    • DWP
    • Guidance
  25. Fire safety risk assessment: offices and shops

  26. Disabled people’s rights: information following the UK’s first periodic review

    • DWP and ODI
    • Policy paper
  27. Fire safety in new and existing school buildings

  28. Fire statistics data tables

    • Home Office
    • Statistical data set
    • Part of a collection: Fire statistics
  29. Fire safety: guidance for the hospitality industry

  30. Fire safety risk assessment: large places of assembly

  31. Building Safety Programme: letter to customers of Manse Masterdor Ltd

    • MHCLG
    • Correspondence
  32. Children's social care services: raising concerns with Ofsted

    • Ofsted
    • Guidance
  33. AAIB Briefing Note for the Emergency Services

  34. Children's social care data in England 2018

  35. Defence fuels policy, organisation and safety regulations (JSP 317)

  36. Advice for building owners on assurance and replacing of flat entrance fire doors

    • MHCLG
    • Guidance
  37. Social care surveys: guidance for providers

    • Ofsted
    • Guidance
  38. Fire safety for disabled people

  39. Building Safety Programme: privacy note about data collection

    • MHCLG
    • Guidance
  40. Excise Notice 196: excise goods - registration and approval of warehousekeepers, warehouse premises, owners of goods and registered consignors