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  1. Mortality: weekly all-cause mortality surveillance

    • PHE
    • Official Statistics
  2. GP in hours: weekly bulletins for 2017

  3. Emergency department: weekly bulletins for 2017

  4. Remote health advice: weekly bulletins for 2017

  5. Weekly national flu reports

  6. Syndromic surveillance: weekly summaries for 2017

  7. GP out-of-hours syndromic surveillance: weekly bulletins for 2017

  8. Hospital tap water scheme: recent reports

  9. Dialysis water scheme: recent reports

  10. SMI B 41: Investigation of urine

  11. MERS-CoV: clinical decision making support for treatment

  12. Legionella scheme: recent intended results for distribution

  13. Vaccine update: issue 268, August 2017, flu special edition

    • PHE
    • Correspondence
    • Part of a collection: Vaccine update
  14. MRSA, MSSA and E. coli bacteraemia and C. difficile infection: 30 day all-cause fatality

  15. NHS screening programmes: KPI reports and briefings 2016 to 2017

  16. Rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis: guidelines

  17. PHE cancer data sets, linkage and availability

    • PHE
    • Guidance
  18. Laser radiation: introduction and safety advice

    • PHE
    • Guidance
  19. Notifiable diseases: weekly reports for 2017

  20. Notifiable diseases: last 52 weeks

  21. Breast screening: consolidated programme standards

  22. Flu vaccination: easy read flu leaflet

  23. Childhood flu programme: information for healthcare practitioners

  24. Inactivated influenza vaccine: information for healthcare practitioners

  25. Cervical screening: coverage and data

    • PHE
    • Guidance
  26. Imported malaria in the UK: statistics

  27. Malaria in the UK: annual report

  28. Notifiable diseases: causative agents report for 2017

  29. UK SMI B 15: investigation of bile

    • PHE
    • Open consultation
  30. UK SMI Q 4: good practice when performing molecular amplification assays

    • PHE
    • Open consultation
  31. Legionnaires' disease monthly surveillance reports: 2017

  32. Reported norovirus outbreaks (suspected and lab-confirmed) in hospitals: 2017

  33. Common animal-associated infections quarterly reports: 2017

  34. Laboratory reports of hepatitis A and C: 2016

  35. Salmonella and shigella infections from faecal specimens in England and Wales: laboratory reports 2017

  36. Common gastrointestinal infections in England and Wales: laboratory reports in 2017

  37. Less common gastrointestinal infections in England and Wales: laboratory reports in 2017

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
  38. Candida auris: laboratory investigation, management and infection prevention and control

    • PHE
    • Guidance
    • Part of a collection: Candida auris
  39. Candida auris emergence in the United Kingdom

    • PHE
    • Research and analysis
    • Part of a collection: Candida auris
  40. National reference laboratory for food microbiology: annual report