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  1. Complaints about DWP: financial year 2014 to 2015

  2. DWP and CMG payments over £500 with a Government Procurement Card (GPC): 2015

  3. DWP roles and salaries, March 2015

  4. DWP payments over £25,000 for 2015

  5. DWP Government Major Projects Portfolio data, 2015

  6. DWP workforce management information, April 2015

  7. DWP business plan transparency measures

  8. Social justice outcomes framework indicators

    • 27 May 2015
    • DWP
    • Transparency data
  9. DWP workforce management information, March 2015

  10. Recovery data for the 2008 Diffuse Mesothelioma Scheme

  11. Compensation Recovery Unit performance data

  12. DWP workforce management information, February 2015

  13. DWP customer service lines report 2015

  14. DWP major projects: Senior Responsible Owners’ appointment letters

  15. DWP non-consolidated performance-related pay April 2013 to March 2014

  16. DWP special advisers' gifts, hospitality and meetings, Apr to Jun 2014

  17. DWP senior officials' business expenses and meetings, Apr to Jun 2014

  18. DWP ministerial gifts, hospitality, travel and meetings, Apr to Jun 2014

  19. DWP workforce management information, January 2015

  20. DWP: exceptions to spending controls for October to December 2014

  21. ESA payments to claimants in psychiatric hospitals: May 2011 to May 2014

  22. DWP and CMG payments over £500 with a Government Procurement Card (GPC): 2014

  23. ESF funding for local authority led pilots for Local Support Services

  24. ESF funding for east of England

  25. ESF funding for east Midlands

  26. ESF funding for the north west

  27. ESF funding for the south east

  28. ESF funding for the south west

  29. ESF funding for South Yorkshire

  30. ESF funding for the West Midlands

  31. ESF funding for Yorkshire and the Humber

  32. ESF funding for the north east

  33. ESF funding for Merseyside

  34. ESF funding for London

  35. ESF funding for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

  36. ESF funding for Gibraltar

  37. DWP workforce management information, December 2014

  38. Performance of the Carer's Allowance Unit: Apr 2013 to Mar 2014

  39. DWP roles and salaries, September 2014

  40. DWP payments over £25,000 for 2014