Zimbabwe: consular fees

List of fees for consular services in Zimbabwe.



Costs shown are in British pounds £GBP. To convert any of the fees to local currency, please use the current consular exchange rate

Published 22 May 2017
Last updated 5 September 2019 + show all updates
  1. Updated table for September 2019

  2. Updated consular fees table for the month of September

  3. New Consular Fee Table Version 2.4.1 All fees changed to reflect the May ROE

  4. Updated preferred method of payment

  5. Our preferred methods of payment are USD International Visa/MasterCard, local USD Nostro Foreign Currency Account cards or USD cash.

  6. Updated preferred method of payment.

  7. New Consular Rate of Exchange for April

  8. New Consular Rate of Exchange for March so all fees change

  9. Updated list of consular fees

  10. Updated consular fees list for January 2019

  11. Updated consular fees table

  12. Updated Consular fees table

  13. change in document format

  14. Updated fees schedule

  15. Updated list of consular fees for Zimbabwe for the month of September

  16. Update to consular fees

  17. Updated consular fees table

  18. Updated consular fees table

  19. Updated fees table

  20. Update to Consular fees

  21. Updated consular fees table

  22. consular fee table updated

  23. USD Consular rate of exchange

  24. Updated consular fees

  25. First published.