Policy paper

Withdrawal Agreement explainer and Technical Explanatory note on Articles 6-8 on the Northern Ireland Protocol

Explainer to support understanding of the draft Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union.



The draft Withdrawal Agreement sets out the provisional terms of the UK’s smooth and orderly exit from the European Union. It reflects agreement in principle between the UK and EU negotiating teams on the full legal text. This document has been produced to support understanding of the legal text.

The Northern Ireland technical note reflects commonly agreed principles between the UK and the EU as to how Articles 6 to 8 of the Northern Ireland Protocol included in the Withdrawal Agreement would operate in any scenario in which the provisions came into effect. These provisions relate to the single customs territory, movement of goods and protection of the UK’s internal market.

The draft Withdrawal Agreement, outline Political Declaration and Joint Statement on the future relationship are available here.

Published 14 November 2018