Research and analysis

Wellbeing and civil society: Estimating the value of volunteering using subjective wellbeing data (WP112)

This research provides an illustration of the wellbeing valuation techniques.



Working Paper No. 112

This research provides an illustration of the wellbeing valuation techniques discussed in featured in a joint HM Treasury-Department for Work and Pensions Discussion Paper (Fujiwara and Campbell, 2011 [1] which has been incorporated into the HM Treasury Green Book update in 2011 [2]. It uses the wellbeing valuation technique with the objectives of valuing volunteering from the participant’s perspective, exploring how the value changes for different groups.

This report was produced using civil service resources from DWP (Daniel Fujiwara) and Cabinet Office (Paul Oroyemi and Ewen McKinnon) and was intended primarily as an illustration of the techniques described in theory in Fujiwara and Campbell 2011. The estimates in this report can help inform business cases for policy interventions, or local services which have a volunteering dimension.

The department will use this research (along with the approach discussed in Fujiwara and Campbell 2011) to continue to develop its valuation approaches used in cost benefit analysis, business cases and impact assessment.