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Waste management data for England

Environment Agency data for the wastes accepted and removed from sites with environmental permits for waste management activities.



Data is presented at a national level for England, or by former English government planning regions (for trend consistency). The data reports on:

  • landfill inputs and capacity
  • transfer inputs
  • treatment inputs
  • incineration inputs and capacity
  • metal recycling inputs
  • disposal in or on land inputs
  • use of waste inputs

Information on the management of hazardous wastes and the number of sites is also included. Contact us for information on other site types.

View the data on

The data is available on

The Waste data interrogator (conditional licence applies). This record includes 4 downloads:

  • the waste data interrogator tool in MS Access
  • the waste data interrogator data extract in MS Excel
  • incinerator waste returns in MS Excel
  • summary tables for England and the former planning regions

The Hazardous waste interrogator (open government licence applies). This record includes one download – the hazardous waste interrogator tool in MS Access.

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Published 18 September 2018