How to access waste management data for England

Environment Agency data for waste accepted and removed from sites with environmental permits for waste management activities.

Applies to England

The Environment Agency collects waste management data in England. We use the data to make sure operators comply with their environmental permits.

We make the data available for waste planning, reporting and information purposes. This data is used by the EU, government, local councils, the waste industry and the public.

We publish data at a national level for England, or by former English government planning regions. We do this for trend consistency.

We publish data on the amount of waste sent to:

  • landfill sites
  • waste transfer sites
  • waste treatment sites
  • incineration sites
  • metal recycling sites
  • sites for disposal in or on land
  • sites with ‘use of waste’ permits – construction, reclamation and timber manufacturing

We also publish information on:

  • landfill capacity
  • incineration capacity
  • the management of hazardous wastes, including the number of hazardous waste sites

Contact us for information on other types of waste site.

Find the data on

We publish the data on

Waste data interrogator

Use the waste data interrogator to see the quantities and types of waste that operators of regulated waste management facilities deal with. This includes the waste received to and sent on from their site.

This data record includes 4 downloads:

  • waste data interrogator tool
  • waste data interrogator data extract
  • waste incinerator returns
  • waste summary tables for England

A conditional licence applies to this data. You must follow the conditions of this licence if you want to use this data.

Hazardous waste interrogator

Use the hazardous waste interrogator to see a summary of hazardous waste movement.

Hazardous waste producer data is commercially confidential. We have not included individual site names and producers’ details. The data includes high-level details of:

  • where the waste was produced
  • where the waste management facility is located
  • the amount of waste (tonnage)

This data record includes one download – the hazardous waste interrogator tool.

The open government licence applies to this data. You must follow the conditions of this licence if you want to use this data.

Waste incinerator reports

Operators of permitted waste incinerators submit annual monitoring reports to the Environment Agency. These include their emissions. The reports show if the site has complied with its environmental permit.

These reports are used by local residents, campaign groups, waste operators and local councils.

Download the 2019 waste incinerator reports.

Find previous data

You can access waste management data back to 2006. To find previous years’ data on, search for ‘waste data interrogator’ or ‘hazardous waste interrogator’.

Since 2017 we’ve included summary tables of this data on Up until 2016, we published summary tables for this data on GOV.UK:

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