Policy paper

Victims Strategy

The cross-government Victims Strategy sets out our vision for victims of crime.


Victims Strategy

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Victims Strategy (Welsh version)

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We want a justice system that supports even more victims to speak up by giving them the certainty that they will be:

  • understood
  • protected
  • supported throughout their journey, regardless of their circumstances or background.

The Victims Strategy includes the following commitments:

  • strengthening the Victims’ Code, and consulting on the detail of victim-focused legislation, including strengthening the powers of the Victims’ Commissioner, and delivering a Victims’ Law
  • abolishing the rule which denied compensation for some victims who lived with their attacker prior to 1979 and consulting on further changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme
  • launching a consultation, alongside the Victims Strategy, to develop the detail on the role of the Independent Public Advocate for bereaved families who have lost loved ones in extraordinary and tragic events

The Victims Strategy also sets out:

  • how we will improve support for all victims of crime, whether or not they report the crime
  • a criminal justice system wide response to improving the support offered to victims of crime and incorporates actions from all criminal justice agencies, including the police, CPS and courts
  • the extra funding we are providing for victims, including: increasing spending to improve services and pathways for survivors and victims of sexual violence and abuse and spending £8 million on interventions to ensure support is available to children who witness domestic abuse

In developing the strategy, we have engaged extensively with victims, victims’ groups and representatives such as the Victims’ Commissioner.

Published 10 September 2018