FOI release

Shropshire Council Tax band increases

Number of increases in a council tax band as a consequence of a banding decision (up, down or no change) on a nearby property in Shropshire, November 2012 - 2014.



The Valuation office response to the request 11768261.1/CEO which asked “how many properties in Shropshire have had their council tax band increased, in the past 2 years, as a result of a neighbour’s challenge to their own council tax banding” is found below. The standard rounding convention, consistent with other VOA statistical releases, has been applied to these counts in order to minimise the risk of disclosure.

I can confirm that there were 30 properties in Shropshire where there was an increase to the band between the 1st of November 2012 and 30th November 2014, as a result of a banding decision on a nearby property. This number includes all band increases made in response to other changes, not just challenges. An example is when the Valuation Office Agency corrects an error in the Council tax valuation list, and this leads to a change in the banding of a nearby property.

Published 16 January 2015