Uzbekistan – Consular Fees

Details of Consular Fees


Uzbekistan – Consular fees


Fees for consular certificates and documents are paid at the Embassy by Visa/MasterCard in Pounds or cash, in the US Dollars on the day of the application. Banknotes issued before 1995 or with blemishes and marks are not acceptable.

Consular fees are subject to periodic review.

Published 18 March 2013
Last updated 3 July 2018 + show all updates
  1. Consular rate of exchange updated.
  2. Amended April 2018
  3. Consular rate of exchange updated.
  4. Consular rate of exchange updated for December 2017.
  5. Fees updated to show the latest consular rate of exchange.
  6. Updated August 2017
  7. Uzbekistan Consular Fees update.
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