Corporate report

UKTI Inward Investment Report 2012/13

Inward investment report published by UKTI showing the number of foreign direct investment projects in the UK for 2012/13.


UKTI Inward Investment Report 2012/13


Results released by UKTI confirm that the UK remains an attractive location for overseas businesses and the leading destination for foreign direct investment in Europe.

Report summary

  • The UK saw 1,559 investment projects secured – 11% more projects than the number recorded during the previous year.

  • These projects are estimated to have brought with them 170,000 jobs - 51% higher than in the previous year. Of these, nearly 60,000 were new jobs and 110,000 existing jobs were safeguarded.

  • UKTI and its partners were involved in delivering nearly 85% of the projects secured.

  • All regions of the UK attracted higher numbers of investment projects in 2012/13 than in the previous year.

Published 25 July 2013