UK NCP initial assessment: complaint from an NGO against a UK company

The initial assessment recording the UK National Contact Point's decision not to examine further a claim about the company’s alleged breach of human rights.



This statement records the decision of the UK National Contact Point (UK NCP).

The complainants say that a UK company supplied munitions to the Saudi Arabian government. They claim that the company:

  • has not addressed human rights impacts resulting from the use of its products in a domestic security operation in Saudi Arabia
  • did not appear to have policies and processes in place to consider human rights impacts of these supplies

In response, the company says that its supply complied with UK export licensing requirements, and that it believes these requirements provide the appropriate safeguards.

The UK NCP’s decision at initial assessment is to reject further examination of the complaint. The UK NCP considers that the complainants have not substantiated their claims and that it does not serve the purpose and effectiveness of the guidelines to consider the complaint further.

This decision is made on the basis of the information both parties offered. It also takes into account established UK government export licensing procedures.

You can make a complaint if you have been affected by actions of a UK company that you consider breach the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines.

Published 22 November 2016