Independent report

UK National Shipbuilding Strategy: an independent report

The strategy will lay the foundations for a modern, efficient and competitive sector capable of meeting the country’s future defence and security needs.



The National Shipbuilding Strategy is intended to be a radical, fundamental re-appraisal of how we undertake the shipbuilding enterprise in the UK, intending to place UK naval shipbuilding on a sustainable long term footing. The first step is Sir John Parker’s independent report. The government will give Sir John’s work the full consideration that it deserves and will provide a full and detailed response in the spring 2017. This response will be the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

The government is committed to delivering a modern shipbuilding strategy, as part of an industrial strategy that focuses on increasing economic growth across the country and investing in a more skilled workforce. This will enable the UK to grow the total number of frigates and destroyers by the 2030s, as set out in the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015.

Published 29 November 2016
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