Policy paper

UK digital identity and attributes trust framework - beta version

An updated version of the digital identity and attributes trust framework, following testing and feedback.


Trust framework certification

UK digital identity and attributes trust framework - delegated authority guidance

Digital identity and attributes trust framework - data schema


Digital identities are an easy way to help us prove who we are without the need for physical documents. They can also help us prove things about us, such as our age or our qualifications. The government is working to develop the digital identity market without the need for national identity cards.

This updated ‘beta version’ of the trust framework sets out the government’s vision for the rules governing the future use of digital identities. It supersedes the updated alpha version of the digital identity and attributes trust framework which was published in August 2021. This beta version has been published in response to feedback and testing of the previous version of the framework. You can read more about the changes which have been made in the feedback received and updates section in the main document.

The government will conduct further testing of this beta version of the trust framework - in collaboration with industry, civil society and the public - to allow it to refine the framework further. More details on beta testing will be published in due course.

The trust framework is part of the government’s wider plan to make it quicker and easier for people to verify themselves using modern technology. The aim is to create a process as trusted as using passports or bank statements.

The government has also published a response to a consultation on its proposed approach to enabling the use of secure and trusted digital identity products in the UK. This response provides an overview and analysis of key findings from the consultation and sets out the measures that will be introduced in the forthcoming Data Reform Bill.

Published 13 June 2022