Research and analysis

UK construction: economic analysis

Overview of the UK construction sector using the latest evidence and research.


UK construction: an economic analysis of the sector


An analytical paper that supports the ‘Industrial Strategy for Construction’ by providing an overview examination of the UK construction sector.

It explores the most recent research on factors underpinning growth, competitiveness and performance of the construction sector, including:

  • skills
  • access to finance
  • innovation capability
  • supply chain developments

Despite the unprecedented challenges from the financial and economic crisis of 2008, the UK construction sector continues to be a vital sector of the UK economy and one of the largest construction markets in Europe. 

Evidence shows that the UK construction is responding well to some of its challenges, and can benefit from the opportunities presented by the global shift to a low carbon economy and green construction. For this, the UK sector continues to need investment in innovation and technology and increased collaboration between businesses and research institutions.

Published 2 July 2013