Transport Direct key metrics and statistics

Usage statistics for Transport Direct.

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Transport Direct closed on 30 September 2014.



Transport Direct’s usage continues to grow steadily month on month. The pie chart below shows user session figures for August 2012. Since its launch in December 2004, Transport Direct has achieved over 110 million user sessions.

The Transport Direct Portal provides a one-stop shop for users to make intelligent travel choices based on its rich set of travel and transport information and services. Part of connecting people to places (Transport Direct’s strapline) is to provide information on those places. This gives context to the journey by providing, for example, a map showing the location of a bus stop or a list of the nearest car parks to the destination. Location information and travel news both help the user to make intelligent travel choices and, as such, make better use of the transport infrastructure.

Transport Direct achieves an average of:

  • 378,000 user sessions per week
  • 2,000,000 pages per week
  • 12,500 mobile pages per week
  • 5,300 mobile user sessions per week
  • 10,100 Digital TV Web pages per week
  • 830 Digital TV User sessions per week

A set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were set out in Transport Direct’s original business plan in order to assess the effectiveness of Transport Direct, including:

  • Initial achievement of one million unique visitor sessions in the first year of operation to confirm visibility and usage - this was achieved in June 2005, six months after launch
  • A goal of ten million unique visitor sessions by 2006 to establish Transport Direct as a major source of travel and transport information - this was achieved on 1 December 2006

Transport Direct developed the Spectator Journey Planner for the 2012 Olympics and final usage was just short of 4 million sessions with almost 2.75 million unique users.

Published 27 September 2012