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This publication was withdrawn on 30 September 2014

Transport Direct closed on 30 September 2014.

About Transport Direct advertising.




Transport Direct’s main area of advertising has been through online display advertising and search engines such as Google. Since 2005 Transport Direct has run advertising campaigns using two online elements – online search and display advertising. Currently we are not running a campaign due to government-wide moratorium on marketing and advertising activities.

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Transport Direct is keen to promote Transport Direct at conferences and local events.

Transport Direct has exhibited at:

  • Ideal Home Show
  • Times Destination Shows
  • Glasgow Travel Show
  • Various trade shows

Please contact the business services team:

Local government

A link to the Transport Direct website is currently advertised on the majority of local authority websites. There are opportunities, indeed there already has been, for Transport Direct to be advertised on local transport policies like leaflets, wallet cards and at various roadshows. We would welcome any opportunities to promote Transport Direct through local regions.

Please contact the Business Services Team to discuss this further:

Marketing materials available

Transport Direct items are available free of charge to both promote Transport Direct and provide travel information to the public.

Items available are:

  • travel card wallet holder
  • Transport Direct pen
  • Transport Direct leaflet

We also have a number of posters available in A2, A3, A4, and double royal. Poster designs available are:

  • find all those places that are impossible to find
  • go somewhere you’ve never been and still know where you’re going
  • ‘I got lost’ is no longer a valid excuse

If you would like to order or receive a free sample of any of the above items free of charge then please contact