Guidance overview: Top tips for sustainability in schools

This publication suggests practical ways for schools to become more sustainable, should they choose to, whilst at the same time saving money.


Top tips for sustainability in schools


Sustainable development means meeting the needs of all people now – including protecting the natural habitats that are essential to our survival – without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The Department for Education is committed to sustainable development and believes it is important to prepare young people for the future. Our approach is based on the belief that schools perform better when they take responsibility for their own improvement. We want schools to make their own judgements on how sustainable development should be reflected in their ethos, day-to-day operations and through education for sustainable development. Those judgements should be based on sound knowledge and local needs.


  • top tips to reduce carbon in schools
  • top tips to reduce energy and water use in schools
  • top tips for sustainable purchasing in schools
  • top tips for sustainable school travel
  • top tips to reduce waste in schools
  • top tips for school food and catering services
  • top tips to develop the global dimension in schools
Published 1 February 2012