Good estate management for schools

The policies, processes and documents that schools, academies and multi-academy trusts should consider when managing their estates.

Effectively managing your estate will help you make the most of your resources. You should have the fundamentals of good estate management to do this.

Tools are available to help you make sure your organisation has the right skills, processes and policies in place.

Read about managing school premises during the coronavirus outbreak to find out what you need to do during reduced occupancy arrangements.


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  1. Who should read this manual Find out if this manual applies to your role.
  2. The fundamentals of good estate management An overview of the important policies, processes and documents schools should aim to have in place.
  3. Strategic estate management Having a strategic approach with the right plans and documents in place will make sure the estate supports your education needs and goals.
  4. Overseeing the estate The policies, procedures and data you should have in your organisation to help you manage the estate.
  5. Health and safety Those with duties for health and safety in schools should make sure that the policies and the condition of the estate are compliant with appropriate legislation.
  6. Maintaining the estate You should maintain the estate to make sure it is safe, warm and dry for all users.
  7. Understanding land and buildings Managing the estate requires an understanding of the legal interests held and the condition, suitability and sufficiency of the land and buildings.
  8. Energy and water management Understanding your energy and water usage will help you maximise your resources and minimise waste.
  9. Estate projects Plan and deliver estate related projects to make sure the desired outcomes are achieved.
  10. Information, training and tools Links to further information about good estate management including training, skills and other guidance
  11. Terminology Definitions of common terms used in this manual to reflect the differences between schools.