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THINK! fatigue

Information about the THINK! driving tiredness campaign.

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The March 2008 THINK! driver tiredness campaign was launched as part of our wider driving for work communications. Research has shown that people who drive for work behave in a risky way on the road, including driving while tired.

The fatigue campaign has been developed with the work driver as a key target audience. Our tiredness campaign aims to target people from the time they plan their journey to when they are on the road. A key element of the tiredness campaign is radio advertising, which enables us to target people while they are in their cars.

This was supported by advertising in motorway service areas, a partnership marketing campaign and online advertising.

The campaign aims to:

  • encourage drivers to take a 15 minute break every 2 hours of driving
  • increase awareness of the dangers of driving while tired
  • increase awareness of the signs of driver sleepiness

The target audience is made up of:

  • company car drivers aged under 30
  • company car drivers aged between 30 and 44
  • heavy goods vehicle/large goods vehicle drivers
  • passengers
  • leisure drivers

Key messages

  • Tiredness kills. Take a 15 minute break every 2 hours
  • Tiredness kills. Make time for a break
  • Plan your journey to include a 15 minute break every 2 hours of driving

Recent campaign activity

Visit THINK! Fatigue page to view adverts

Published 3 February 2012