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The UK: your partner for health systems development

UK experience and capability contribute to the international development of health systems.



World-class healthcare can only be delivered through an integrated system in which every part works to improve outcomes for patients.

In the UK, expertise in areas such as funding, strategy, regulation, training, innovation and delivery comes together to make our NHS one of the world’s very best healthcare systems. It has evolved over nearly 70 years and continues to do so.

But achieving this level of excellence need not take you decades. All the know-how and experience that makes the NHS so successful is available to you now.

You can partner with organisations from our rich ecosystem of public and private sector bodies, to support every aspect of health system development. By doing so you will be joining healthcare providers worldwide who use UK expertise to deliver sustainable, fair and high-quality services.

Your simplest way of accessing this expertise is through Healthcare UK, the UK government’s specialists in international healthcare partnership working.

We can put you in contact with specialists to support:

  • whole system change or service reconfiguration
  • sustainable improvement in service quality and value for money
  • regulation and quality assurance
  • fair and universal access to treatment
  • workforce planning
  • new finance models
  • data management to drive service improvement
  • the use of behavioural science to promote health and wellbeing
  • an evidence-based approach to evaluating and improving services
  • the handling of emergencies and major public events
  • the translation of research into the next generation of innovative products and services

This was published originally by UK Trade and Investment which has since moved to the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Published 11 February 2016
Last updated 3 March 2016 + show all updates
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