The Police Service And The Disability Discrimination Act

Home Office circular 57 / 2004 The Police Service and the Disability Discrimination Act Broad subject: Police Service Issue date: Tue…

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Home Office circular 57 / 2004

The Police Service and the Disability Discrimination Act

  • Broad subject: Police Service
  • Issue date: Tue Sep 14 00:00:00 BST 2004
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  • Linked circulars:
    54 & 56 / 2004
  • Copies sent to:
    Clerks to the Police Authorities

  • Sub category: Police Officers
  • Implementation date: Fri Oct 01 00:00:00 BST 2004
  • For more info contact:
    Isobel Rowlands 020 7273 4396
  • Addressed to:
    Chief Officers

Dear Colleague
The purpose of this Circular is to notify you that the employment provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) will apply to police officers (including police applicants, Special Constables, and Cadets) from 1 October 2004.

Guidance has been produced by a DDA Steering Committee. The Guidance is aimed primarily at managers of police officers, occupational health managers and human resource managers. However, it is relevant also to all police officers and police staff, all of whom have responsibilities under the DDA for ensuring that disabled staff are not discriminated against.

The Guidance, entitled “Disability and the Police” includes useful information about the Act and its implementation. It contains five annexes covering Recruitment; Training; Appraisal, Selection and Promotion; Serving Officers; and Pensions. The Guidance is enclosed for your information. If you require further copies please contact the Home Office. The Guidance is also available on line at

Pensions and transfers

From the 1st October, recruits will be assessed in terms of fitness for police work and in terms of eligibility for the ill-health benefits of the Police Pension Scheme. Regulations providing for this are expected to be in place by 1st October. A further HOC will be issued at that time.

Changes to the Police Pensions Regulations will not affect officers transferring from one force to another without a break in service. Transferees who have entitlement to ill health benefits will continue to have such entitlement even though they may come within the scope of the DDA at the time of transfer. Applications from disabled officers to transfer to another force should be considered on an individual basis and in the light of the receiving force’s ability to provide reasonable adjustments consistent with operational requirements. If an officer is performing satisfactorily in one force, he or she is likely to be suitable for another force provided that, where a reasonable adjustment has been made, the receiving force is also able to offer the same or another reasonable adjustment.


An electronic training package is currently being developed and will be available from late October.


Forces should ensure that they have adequate systems in place for monitoring and evaluating disability across the HR functions.


Published 14 September 2004