The North East Marine Plans Documents

Published June 2021 the North East Inshore and North East Offshore Marine Plans provides guidance for sustainable development from the Scottish Border to Flamborough Head in Yorkshire.


Non-Technical Summary. Final Report

Approach to Monitoring


Marine plans address the key issues for the area, setting a vision and objectives. Detailed policies set out how these will be achieved and how issues will be managed or mitigated. The policies inform decision-making for any activity or development which is in or impacts on a marine area.

Our Explore Marine Plans tool supports decision-makers and applicants using the North East Marine Plans. It includes an overview of each plan policy by sector and a searchable map of relating data and evidence.

In developing the North East Inshore and Offshore Marine Plans we have also published:

  • habitats regulations assessment
  • sustainability appraisal
  • approach to monitoring
  • modification report

Marine plans place sustainability at the centre of all decisions.

The Sustainability Appraisal (SA) provides an independent assessment of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Public consultation on the Draft North East Marine Plan and Draft Technical Annex was held between the 14 January 2020 and the 20 April 2020.

Following this consultation in accordance with the Marine and Coastal Access Act (S15 (7)), the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) are required to publish statements detailing any modifications made to the consultation draft and the reasons for the modifications. The north east plan areas Statement of Public Participation describes how the MMO will analyse all responses to the consultation and produce a summary report setting out comments received, and changes made to the plans as a result.

The purpose of this document is to summarise:

  • engagement process on the consultation draft
  • responses received, provide an overview of the levels of agreement with the plans supporting sustainable development and compliance with the Statement of Public Participation
  • changes made from the consultation draft to the North East Marine Plans and Technical Annex
Published 23 June 2021
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