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The Lord Holmes Review

The independent Lord Holmes Review explores how to open-up public appointments to disabled people.


Lord Holmes Review


Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE:

Opening up public appointments to disabled talent is not looking to give anyone an unfair advantage. An equitable, inclusive, fully accessible and positive process puts everyone on the same start line.

Positive change requires leadership, culture and innovation, and I am convinced that substantial, sustainable change is possible. It will not be easy, but it is absolutely achievable.

Currently, talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. I hope this review and its recommendations will play some part in addressing this avoidable failing.

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Summary video

Below is a video summary of the Lord Holmes Review translated into British sign language, with English subtitles.

NOTE: This video does not contain audio.

A Summary of The Lord Holmes Review with sign-language and subtitles.

Published 3 December 2018