Research and analysis

Minimising the proposed height increase at Hampstead Road Bridge

This report details how to minimise the increase in height of the road levels of A400 Hampstead Road due to HS2 works at both ends of Hampstead Road Bridge.



The aim of this study was to identify the options that would achieve lower road levels at either end of the re-provided Hampstead Road Bridge (HRB), seeking to reduce the impact on local residents and neighbouring buildings as well as on non-motorised users (NMU) of A400 Hampstead Road.

The report brings together the technical material discussed and developed through multiple workshops. It is intended to provide technical information on alternative bridge options. It also provides details of the preferred HS2 option, Option 8, which would see the bridge being lowered by up to one meter compared to the current Additional Provision 3 (AP3) scheme.

Representatives of High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd, Network Rail (NR), Department for Transport (DfT), Transport for London (TfL) and London Borough of Camden (LBC) have attended collaborative workshops in order to ensure stakeholders have an input into the options comparison and decision making process.

This partially discharges assurances made to TfL and LBC during the House of Commons Select Committee Stage of the HS2 hybrid Bill (hB) in December 2015.

The report has been considered by the Promoter (DfT) which has accepted HS2’s recommendation.

Published 22 July 2016