The Government Response to the 'Schedule 6 of the Gambling Act 2005' Consultation

A public consultation was held between 17 August and 9 November 2011 in relation to making specific additions and amendments to Schedule 6.


A public consultation was held between 17 August and 9 November 2011 in relation to making specific additions and amendments to Schedule 6.

  1. The consultation addressed the inclusion of the IOC, the proposed UK and international Sports Governing Bodies (SGBs) and also asked for any other bodies which should be added to the Schedule. Responders were also asked for any burdens and/or costs which would result from these proposals.

  2. 22 responses were received. Of those that referred to the inclusion of the IOC, all were in favour, and no responder disagreed with the proposed SGBs to be added. A full list of the non-confidentiality responses are available to view online.

  3. Some responses did, however, indicate that they felt there could be benefit from adding additional SGBs. The following national and international SGBs suggested in the consultation responses are also to be added to Schedule 6, Part 3:

    • England Hockey
    • London Marathon Limited
    • International Hockey Federation
    • World Darts Federation
    • Six Nations Rugby Limited
    • Celtic Rugby Limited
    • British Lions Limited
    • European Rugby Cup Limited
    • Association of European Football Leagues
    • Rugby League International Federation
    • Commonwealth Games Federation
    • International Association of Athletics Federations
  4. The first two items on this list are national SGBs. These were considered on reflection against the risk metrics of proportion of betting integrity cases and proportion of sports betting volume to be of sufficient concern to be included in Schedule 6.

  5. The other items on this list are international SGBs. These were considered appropriate for inclusion on reflection against the fourth criteria of usefully adding to the international coverage domestic SGBs that are listed in Schedule 6.

  6. There is a further rationale that supports the addition of these domestic and international SGBs. While essential SGBs were proposed at the consultation stage, discussions with stakeholders were actively sought as to other bodies that could be potentially be included on Schedule 6. There is sense in including bodies even if there is not a pressing immediate concern.

  7. The following organisations were suggested in consultation responses but have been discounted, due to uncertainty regarding their constitutions as SGBs:

    • ATP World Finals and the Tennis Integrity Unit.
    • Horseracing Ireland and the Irish Turf Club.
    • European Sports Security Association (ESSA) - While they monitoring betting in Europe, this organisation is funded by the betting industry and is not technically an SGB.

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Published 20 May 2012

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